Coated with Love


A few posts ago I lamented that all my winter clothes have been lost, somehow, and that with the winter coming, I was likely to become a Ritz-sicle.  Sass-flavored, most likely, but still frozen.

I later received a text message saying, “We both know I have an unhealthy obsession with winter coats. You WILL come over and go coat shopping in my closet.”

Enter the TWO coats (a heavy blue pea coat and a lighter, shorter, black coat for not-as-cold) as well as matching red accessories. The Dancer is a sweet as she is generous.  And she’s even more OBEDIENT.  So when The Holy Spirit told her last night, with no explanation, “Give Ritz your guitar,” well…this happened:


look at all that learnin' swag!


She didn’t know, I don’t think anyone did, that I really wanted my very own acoustic.  Yes, friends had lent me theirs to play and that was GREAT, it was wonderful…. but I knew that at some point I would want to have my own.** To name and get comfortable with and be able to have without fear of something happening to it. (I’m always afraid of messing up things that are on loan.) It wasn’t something I’d spent time meditating on or researching, just something I’d thought about, in passing, knowing it wasn’t going to happen for a long time.

Oh my heart all a flutter, I am so very blessed. In fact, I count it blessed to have food to eat, a place, to sleep, the lower rung of Maslow’s hierarchy* (as so many don’t.  We are not entitled to such things, as much as we many feel it so.) And rarely do I ever have “just what I need to survive.” I have life abundant. I’m just spoiled! Spoiled by my God and His work through and in those around me.


The Butterfly notes ::quote:: looked like me. 😉


So on top of all that, I ALSO have a razor, shaving cream, and some super-fun school supplies.

I also had a friend sneak my car to get a full tank of gas this weekend! Just because. She said, “It was either that or groceries so i figured this way, you can pick which groceries you want.”

So I went grocery shopping. And paid for my own groceries. For the FIRST TIME IN A MONTH!

*ignoring sex because how the crap did that make the list?! Don’t answer that.

**in fact I’m a brat and I very specifically wanted a PRETTY, CUT-OUT (refers to the shape up where the neck meets the body, see photo for PERFECTLY EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE PICKED had I known to pick one!)

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