Did You Know This Was Happening?

I may or may not have told you-

and I really mean may or may not. I have no clue. Because I am what the french might refer to as le-out-of-it (all hopped up on Mariah Carey youtube videos and Irish Cream coffee) –

that there are TWENTY childcare events this month.

Do you know how many I expected there to be when I started the job?


So yes. We’ve more than doubled, almost tripled, and these are BIG EVENTS.

You should have SEEN the fat stack of pay-some-people-papers I turned in yesterday (I should’ve taken a picture but I was even more impressed that it was only a fourth of what I would have turned in under the old system – shout out to our accounting/teach-ritz-how-to-be-efficient dept).  Plus I am pretty happy that all this work means people get


I told you I was hopped up, don’t hate.

I mean, hate what is evil, but good mood hopped up blogging isn’t evil.

Moving on. Did you know this was happening?


Matt Carter reading isn't the big deal. It's WHAT he's reading. Blame the paparazza that I caught him on the cover.


It’s The History of Redemption – a book version of the metanarrative of Christ through scripture- and only scripture- from the whole Bible. It will make more sense once I can link you to the blogs I’m sure TASCC will put out about it, but apparently our Get Trained team gathered/edited the scripture in this form, then joined with an artist to make it a story that conveys the message Jesus painted in the whole Bible.  And the artist hired to illustrate the text did a MAGNIFICENT job.  So back to the issue, I didn’t know this was happening until I walked by it in the office today.

And WHEN I walked by it in the office today, I kid you not, the ONLY thing that kept me from crying at the weight of the great mercy of our Lord is that Ronnie Smith (the editor of the book and one of our pastors) walked by. And I’ve learned a few things here at the office in 2 years and one of them is YOU DO NOT CRY IN FRONT OF RONNIE SMITH. jaykaybutnotreally.

Good morning, Tuesday. 🙂

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