The $50 Visa

A few weeks ago i read the blog of one of the Elder’s wives from church.  You can read the whole post here. (You should. it’s funny. Then you should help. 😉 She let everyone know that the friend who was living with them, a UT student from Uganda, was trying to get her two children to America, and that they were having great success legally, but had a GREAT NEED financially.

I heard VERY CLEARLY I was to give $25 to that cause.

I do not have an extra $25 in my budget.  I do not have an extra anything in my budget. But I looked around at the apartment, and then life, full of things I have not because of budget but because of love and generosity, so I wrote the check.


i felt like this kid... and looked just as cool. 😉


I walked out to the mail station outside of my apartment and dropped the check in the outgoing slot. Since I was there, I decided to check my mail. And I had a package!!!


only the creepiest here on l'blog. the package actually had nothing to do w Halloween


Dr and Mrs (some of my best best friends from college, the family with whom I spend my holidays) had sent me a Halloween packages. Who sends Halloween packages? People who just want to love you every day of the year.

In the package was a hand-made card full of sweet messages.

A GLUTEN FREE cookie mix (such thoughtfulness!)

An adorable pic of the kids at the pumpkin patch and…oh…what’s that?



i guess they don't make them halloween flavored 😉


How stinking PERFECT is our God’s timing?! The MOMENT after I obey, not knowing how things will work out, he provides the way – TIMES TWO.  I love seeing how he provides for me in every way. My needs, my wants, treats that won’t make me sick, friends that care about me being sick, and even the amazing opportunity to share that generosity with others.

How has God provided in unexpected ways for you, lately?

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