If You Can’t Do It Well

Sometimes, it still has to get done. (and usually, when you ask Jesus to help you, it gets done well anyway)

I have a tendancy to avoid things I can’t do well. Just not even start them. Like blogging. If I’m not going to contribute something GOOD, I don’t want to contribute anything at all.

And most of the updates I could give about the internship seem…repetitive or too long to be a blog.

I’m complaining. I’m blame shifting. I’m sorry. I should be a better intern blogger and I’m not. I may just have to shift to once a week so that I can write more GOOD blogs rather than trying to throw something up here twice a week because of some arbitrary goal I set.

Oh! I do have a fun story from today.

So, childcare has deadlines. But by deadline, I really mean time by which i would ideally know all the pertinent information.

You know how many times the deadline has been met?


Uh huh. Once out of at least fifty events.


Needless to say, I’m pretty accommodating. Everyone at the office has the best of intentions and gives me as much as they can, but with a body as big and staff as small as we have (i mean it’s like a 100:1 ratio!) at TASCC, of course I’m going to work to help our ministries accomplish their goals!

However, this sometimes means I have to HUSTLE.

Maybe not hustle, depending on what side of town you’re from 😉 but I have to work with a quickness.


I problem solve with the following ethos: I behave as though all things (times, budget, location) are fluid, and then narrow down based on needs. This means sometimes, we get some very creative events. Events that meet all the unique needs!

And take a LOT of phone calls to accomplish.

Like today, when I took an on-site-forever-long-pizza-and-movie event and scrapped it for a multi-house, party-for-the-kids, parents-much-happier-with-the-situation event.

When I told the supervisor who requested the event what had happened she was shocked, “Oh my gosh, Ritz, thank you so much! You’re so great.”

To which I had to reply, not because it’s the church answer, but because it’s true, “Well, Jesus is definitely showing himself off right now.”

Like, way to orchestrate a PERFECT position for me right now. I’ve spend the last two years watching everyone’s kids and the last six months being the face of childcare, so that I really know the kids and families we serve. So when I get an event, I know who needs to go where, who needs extra attention, who really doesn’t any, and just exactly how to utilize our resources.

Do i know this because I thought, “Hey i should learn this so I can use it one day for a position I don’t yet know exists?”


I am good at what I do because (and only EVER because) God saw fit to make it so. He orchestrates things to work so well, and I can just see his work in every little nook and cranny of my life.

Even when I have mushy brain. Which I do. Right now. Because I made more phone calls in an hour today than I did in the week before hand. 😉

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