Christmas Eve Services

There are some things I’m so far behind on. Things I want to be important that ARE important but that I just haven’t gotten around to. Like Christmas cards I told you about two weeks ago (really, two weeks?) that may end up in a email…If I’m lucky.

And emailed Christmas cards, i ALMOST think i should be ashamed by that. But let’s be honest, I’m not.

Rarely do things in the life of a gypsy/intern/student who was raised by wolves go as they do for the general public.

Like Christmas Eve. We had four services so it was an all-hands-on-deck kind of a night! Everyone who was in Austin was expected to work the whole night to serve the couple of thousand people who came to worship the coming of our King! Not inconsequentially, we had childcare for all four services, and true to Jesus form, it started out looking hopeless and ended up being great! I worked the first three services and got to attend the fourth.

One of my favorite inconsequential things about the night was that we didn’t have to wear kidstuff shirts. So I went and got me a brand-spankin-new (used from Goodwill) $9 dress.

i WASHED it when before i wore it!

Then I wore said dress while I worked all night. Sufferin’ for the name of Jesus. 😉

it's SO hard, peoplefriends
what's dignity? something you have if you don't wipe bottoms for a living.
got to hold this little bug for the whole 8:00 service

Life is so hard. 😉

I decided to wear a sunshine dress on a cloudy day.

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