On Jan 1, I posted Childcare’s Policies and Procedures for all childcare workers.

Then I left the country for 12 days.

Cause, well, that’s just how things work out sometimes.

See my contract is over in August. (I’m not sure what day.) and that means, for me, I have about six months left to shape things up – after which i’ll be turning the reigns of my baby-brand-new ministry over to someone else. Of course, at that point, just like now, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to say “This all just …happened, and I was blessed enough to be there.” But I do have the following goals for when the turn-over happens:

  • that the ministry will have clear expectations and means by which to accomplish them
  • that the workers of the ministry will have all they need to serve well and be served in their work
  • that we will have either solved or worked on issues as they arise, and that
  • there is a clear plan of how to continue the work of the childcare ministry in such a way that it will continue without hitch to serve the body of Christ

Perhaps at that point it will be clearer, but I like having these things to go back to, that I can check and make sure I am stewarding well this amazing blessing I’ve been given charge of for the time being.

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