First Tuesday (February)

–For those unfamiliar, “First Tuesday” refers to the prayer service TASCC holds on most First Tuesdays of the month. —

I remember when I first came on staff, and our church was going through a Vision Series during which we had prayer meetings six weeks in a row. This may not seem like much, but for our culture, it was amazing.

And exhausting. For us, at least.

First Tuesday childcare used to be handled by the KidStuff staff on a rotating basis. Meaning that each month, one staff member was in charge of coordinating. It was heinous. Every six months or so something got dropped on your plate that you couldn’t remember how exactly it went, because SIX MONTHS had passed since it last “went.” We all dreaded when it was our turn.

Then, in early 2010, I had to do two in a row (this is when I was still the production intern, and my current position hadn’t even been thought of) and I was SO EXCITED because that meant I got t skip a round – or in other words, I was home free and didn’t have to do First Tuesday for like 10 months.


In case you haven’t caught on, I’m now the only Kidstuff Staff person in charge of First Tuesday childcare.  That also means I haven’t been able to attend First Tuesday Prayer since May. And this meeting is a powerful, wonderful thing. The fact that it’s so amazing is attested to by the great struggle I have EVERY MONTH just to get it staffed.

This is really not what my church looks like. We meet in what can only be described as a hopped up garage. But this is pretty.

But I think I’ll get to attend this month. I think I’ll be able to rest with the knowledge that they don’t need me back in the childcare wing, that the workers have it all under control.

Not because I’ve done a great job. (Even though yes, I try to work hard)

Not because the workers are so Holy. (But yes, they are people with hearts full of God’s love)

And not because of any conglomeration of worldly reasons:

BUT BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD. And he works through, in, and by these circumstances. But the circumstances don’t make my life a fun place to be.


Will you join me in worshipping through prayer and song tonight?

500 E St John Ave
Austin Texas 78752
7:00pm (get here early, and carpool. This place fills up)


EDIT – I will NOT be able to attend. I’ll be in class. But, i know they’ll survive without me.

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