Good Nutrition

The other nite was intern study nite at my apartment. And aside from the fact that we didn’t get any work done, it was great.

Okay, we got a LITTLE work done.

but MOSTLY we laughed our tails off.

The next day people were hating on my for a steady stream of tweets just of funny quotes. But what I didn’t tweet was this photo, showing you what my neighbrother Brandon considers “brain food.”

an oatmeal pie and welch’s fruit snacks. While we’re on the subject of welch’s, i’d love to show you what I found in my grape juice recently:

that’s mold.

I didn’t even know that could happen. Don’t worry, I saw it before anyone ingested any.

and that, my friends, is a sure sign that God is in this place. Because by our own care, we’d clearly have kicked the bucket  by now. 😉


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