My sweet friend Hope over at Regis Salon at Barton Creek Mall, who will NOT style your hair if you love Jesus (because she thinks if you love him then getting your hair done is a FANTASTIC time to spread the Gospel) but can and will advise you on some amazing products (literally any time in the last 5 months my hair has looked good has been because of her generosity) has been REALLY creative in how she supports me.

First, there were the products. Products that she got for free and was able to give to me. This shampoo called It’s A 10 (little goes a LONG way and gets all the gunk out, but SO far hasn’t been too harsh on my color) as well as some Regis brand mouse and style revitalizer (makes 2nd day hair look good again).

ANYWAY, this is not a style blog, it’s a support blog, and my intent IS to talk about how great it is to be supported in different ways (and to encourage you that money isn’t the only way to support someone). So:  Hope loves me and has seen me go through years of colors and cuts. And since she doesn’t have the money to spare, but is so generous with her time, she has started supporting me with hair cuts and processing! The only thing I have to pay for is the chemicals used, and I was able to bring in my own color from Sally hair supply, so BAM! Cut and amazing highlights for $30 (cost of bleach)!!

the wet dog look.

Uhm, I might also want to add that it took FOUR HOURS to do my hair. Hope is quick, my head is just a BEAST of hair and takes FOREVER to lift from black to blonde.

And now, when I look at my hair, I feel like a mermaid. A punk rock mermaid.

this, ftr, is THIRD day hair. so...excuse the mess.

moral of the blog: don’t be discouraged if you feel you can’t support someone. Everyone has something to give. Prayers? Time? Skills of some sort than can serve? Cause I gotta tell ya. Feeling like a punk rock mermaid certainly helps me get through 13 hour Sundays.

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