In Pasta Bowl

Back in december, I got the privilege teaching on the virgin birth of our Lord. to 1st-5th graders. I may have mentioned it before because it was one of the funnier moments of my KidStuff career. Since many of our littles haven’t learned the facts of life, we wanted to communicate that Jesus birth was a SPECIAL miracle (cause, you know, every birth is a miracle).

So I was teaching and said, “And Mary knew she couldn’t have a baby, because she was a virgin. And a virgin can’t have babies.”

(which is one of the most useful kid teaching things ever, learning to define “virgin” without having to explain ess eee ecks)

And I said, “So she knew it was IMPOSSIBLE to have a baby, because she was a virgin and virgins can’t have babies. So she told the angel, ‘that’s impossible!’ What did she say, kids?”

“That’s in-pasta-bowl.”

“Yes, impossible. Exactly.”

I love little things like that. Just like I love the video below, in which sweet little baby J teaches me that her attitude is “dane-juh-wus”

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