Crack For Babies

::This was a draft that I feel like i turned into part of another post. Whateverness ;)::


maybe crack is a bad example…what’s a better one? leavecomments,plz

The other day I had two fussy babies in my arms, who weren’t fussy if they were in my arms, but were in any other situation. A dudeonstaff wanted to hold one he knew and she was NOT having it.

And he was looking at me soothing two one year olds with a smile on my face and shock and appall on his and said, “I don’t know how you do this..” “I’m like crack for babies,” i explained.

As in, i soothe them. One KidStuff worker used to call me the baby whisperer.

And children UNIVERSALLY behave better for me than for others. Sometimes because I’m a tyrant, mostly because I’m just gifted that way.

So i’m crack for kids.

or more precisely, I’m crack for people. But i tone it down and put it away with grown folks. Cause when you charm and shower grown people with affection,

things get complicated. 😉

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