Making the Cut

Have I mentioned that amongst the huge projects, multitudinous efforts, and general hard work, we have a LOT of fun?

Well we do.

So, the other day, during staff meeting, I noticed that Bubba was GOING CRAZY with the long hair on the back of his neck. Since I generally like hair more than not hair, i was a fan of him growing it out. But as ANYONE who has grown out their hair knows, the part that will thwart every attempt is the long hairs on the neck. And of COURSE I happened to have my cutting shears in my backpack (yeah, i really did) so, well….

he wasn't as disgruntled as he looks. in fact he ASKED me to do it.
before. a little cray-cray
these faces are just so he gets to keep his man card, i think
just me, or do i actually LOOK like a hairdresser here?
after: just cleaned up a little in the back. also, kristen is b.e.a.utiful.

Sorry the video is sideways. I have no idea how to fix that.

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