Techno Drama

So, in training up the new intern, I realized that all the stuff they’ll set her up with in September, she needs now. (Yes, making her start date SIMULTANEOUS with my leave date was less than perfect planning. We’re doing what we can. Besides, it was God’s perfect plan, bozos. (I’m really calling myself a bozo (nested parenthesis)))

So I asked for her accounts to be set up early. I (via email) make my case that as the only person available to train her, I need to train her NOW, cause uhm, she can’t learn all this stuff in one day and I think we’d all prefer her not to crash-and-burn so please oh please with gumdrops even though this is above my paygrade to ask would they PLEASE set up the accounts (multiple complex accounts) so I can train her.

And they do. Cherubim SINGING, peasants (interns) rejoice!

Except there is this one program that is so old, that apparently only KidStuff uses, that I kid you not, the HEAD of our tech dept said, “So…what does that program do? I’ve never even logged into it.” So we didn’t know who to ask to set up Lauren, the new KidStuff Childcare Baller (intern).

Which is why I’ve been on the phone for AN HOUR (don’t worry y’all, i got minutes to spare. I think i literally use 10% of my minutes per month) basically sharing my life story (or at least the part that involves what accounts I need help with) with the tech guy while he deals with all my techno-drama. “So,” he asks, wondering why I’m training someone to do my job, “are you LEAVING the stone?” “No, just switching positions. I’ll have plenty of drama for you”

which seems pretty valid. Cause it’s 10:30 and we’re STILL on the phone. (I got here at 9)

-technodrama queen
Ritz Valle

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